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Servers cost, so if you are ready to donate and help us we will appreciate it a lot.

CyberGamer EU: A New Home for ET

With ESL dropping support for ET in May and ClanBase shutting down entirely last month, teams were left with no competitive ladders to participate in. By simply taking a quick look at the GamesTV match schedule, it is obvious that the lack of a ladder system is rather detrimental to the activity level of our beloved game. However, thanks to some help from Netherlands timbolina, I was able to get in contact with a CoD4 league who is interested in providing the ET community with ladders and more.

I am very happy to announce that CyberGamer EU now officially supports ET!

image: 81XpmVt


CyberGamer (CG) is a competitive gaming league that was founded by two Australian gamers...

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4 Years of BeginnersHeaven
Today, our community will be celebrating it's 4th birthday! That's right, it's already been 4 years since we started this community, and those years surely have been amazing. During the past year, we've gained lots of new awesome members, and servers have had some really nice activity. Together, we can make the 5th year even better!

We would like to thank all staff members, donators and especially our members for supporting our community by using the site and playing on the servers during these years. So to celebrate our birthday, everyone join the server 6pm GMT for some birthday fun!
 0 Comment(s)  -  View Comments  -  Written on: 02/04/2013 11:41 by: Aciz

A new year is ahead!
Another year has passed a new one ahead !
I would like to thank you all for another great year here at Beginnersheaven. This place means alot, and thats because the people we have here, you are all special.
People comming to our servers meet people with a smile and people who cares, we make friends here.
This year we also were struck by sadness..
We loost our good friend Mark, i miss you everyday my good mate. We will never forget you here !

People tell me that ET struggle with players etc, ok i understand there are new games coming in, the main thing is that we got a home here and a server to meet up and have good games. That will not change thats for sure ! :)
2013 will be another good year for Beginnersheaven, we will make new friends we will laugh and enjoy on server like we did all these years.

I would like to give a huge thanks to all of the staff, donators and all of the regulars in the community, you all do a great job !

Happy new year everybody !!

Regards BeginnersHeaven Staff :)
 5 Comment(s)  -  View Comments  -  Written on: 31/12/2012 14:42 by: grubben

Save ET by putting it on Steam!
Steam Greenlight has finally started. For those who do not know what it is: SteamGreenlight

To have the possibility to even have our game featured on this page we have to convince the developer, because they have to do the request on the steampage.

I wanted to do a post on their forums, but someone was faster, so I will use his post to do what I am going to ask you community.
Go to this link: http://forums.warchestgames.com/showthread.php/32687-Steam-Geenlight-is-here and write a comment where you show your support to et and ask splashdamage to feature their game on steam.

I know we can do it, if they see how many people love this game they will do it immediately. Ofc it will be hard to get the game from this list full of wannabe steamgames to the steamshop, but we will think about that after/if splashdamage make a decision.

Author: Gabri22
 1 Comment(s)  -  View Comments  -  Written on: 31/08/2012 16:25 by: Kwiz

Hi all !

I wanted to tell you all that Smirre has asked for someone else to take over payments for servers at BeginnersHeaven cause he just bought a house and we all know how much that costs.
I want to give a special thanks to Smirre who have taken care of this for so long and everyone who have donated so far.
Me and Danin have talked and we will take over payments of servers from now on.
The donation button on site is changed so all future donations will come to my paypal account.

The servers cost 49.00 € each month, this is just an information.

We dont ask for donations, but i think its good that people know the costs of running this great community.
So me and Danin will cover the costs from now on, and all future donators i thank you in advance.

PS : I also want to thank Kwizlord for covering up the costs on this site. Its so important for us !

Grubben / Danin
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