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Files » W:ET Scripts, configs

Acizco's CFG 2k13
Update 14.02:2013: Fixed Lightning toggle script since I'm an idiot who think that every script will work without even checking...

Update 13.02.2013: Fixed few errors (most importantly "seta cg_muzzleFlash 0" was missing from ETPub cvars) and added brightness toggle script for dark maps such as Braundorf.

My new config I made literally from scratch. Contains every client side cvar for ET, as well as ETPro & ETPub cvars + ETJump cvars in "tj.cfg".

Screenshots are included so you can take a look how it looks graphic wise before using.

- Put both "autoexec.cfg" and "tj.cfg" to etmain folder
- Put "ETPro-hud.dat" to etpub/profiles/YourProfile folder if you want to use my ETPro style (b_althud "2" & b_althudflags "4") HUD in ETPub.

Make sure to backup your own config first.

Includes following scripts:
- Crosshair color toggle
- Name selector
- Spawntimer
- Demo record toggle
- Volume adjustment script
- Brightness toggle
- Demo script in TJ config

Downloads: 33   File Size: 801.39 kB
Added: February 13, 2013
Acizco's CFG
My playing config. Inside the ZIP there is cfg\\\'s, readme and some screenshots. CFG Includes:

- Crosshair color toggle
- Quick arty script
- Spawntimer
- Class select scripts
- Volume script
- Name selector (1 key scroll through names, 1 sets it)
- Demo record toggle

Downloads: 19   File Size: 2.07 MB
Added: September 28, 2012
Kwizlord's config
just type /exec autoexec and that is it. There is also high detail config, which I have used for testing.
Autoexec includes:
- sets
- spawntimer
- class selector
- spawn selector
- lots of binds, which makes gameplay faster
- legal sniper script
- ...

Downloads: 142   File Size: 2.30 kb
Added: June 20, 2012



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