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January updates
    si Kwiz
Posted January 10, 2013 - 20:27
Well upload center and servers info and so on are still under construcion but by side I came up with other update.

Clan members page has updated and will still be updating, groups site is also at same stage, but they might be different at end.

The most usefull is status view, which indicates members which are
Online (green) - Logged into site and last view of x page was in last 5 minutes
Active (green) - Logged into site and used it 14 days ago.
Active (orange) - Logged into site and used it 30 days ago
Inactive (red) - Logged into site and used it 31 or more days ago
On Holidays (blue) - User has went to holidays and let us know (we set that status)
Parked (grey) - User is going to be away for longer time and wants to be excluded from site inactivity factors (we set that status)

If page is still the old, it is still in your browser data, so you might want to remove old data before refreshing again.

Any other statuses which are discluding user from page usage are red, this usualy goes to groups only and not !ETF! members which are removed from group if they get that status.

This is still fresh, so it will still update and also if there is something you would like on page that might be informational about some user, send us feedback.

Regards, Kwiz
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