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Get things going again ?
    no grubben
Posted September 15, 2015 - 23:49

This message was posted on !ETF! section. Then i thought the same message should be for the hole community.
So here it is.

So yeah ive been inactive, some of you know why, and also ET didnt have any priority for a while.
Sorry for that and a big thanks for those who is still playing, Dribb, John and Herring mostly.
Motivation got a bit low, considering the work trying to get clan members to be active and work on community name stopped completely.
I got bit tired of it to be honest.

Anyway now the summer is over and i am looking forward to coming back to ET more and more.
Hopefully to build a stronger !ETF! again following more regulars on server.
I know ET is getting less players, but why shouldnt we have enough regulars to have great evenings and a good laugh.
I think that is very possible to achieve again, of course in need of help of you remaining here.
The loyalty you 3 i mentioned is incredible.
22/9 im back home and ill try to get more and more on server, not just for playing but also as admin.
Untill i get home, im back on site active as i was before, we need to live again around here and as a owner i take responsibility for this and i have no problem admitting it.
Im talking for myself now, and i hope rest of owners / admins takes charge also.

Hoping for some answers and lets take it from there ok



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    gb whodareswins
Posted September 16, 2015 - 09:20
thats good news grubb smile
    gb Dribbalot
Posted September 16, 2015 - 19:41
Thats good to hear wink
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    gb Dribbalot
Posted July 07, 2016 - 14:03
almost a year down the line and no change to the activity of ETF members only Myself and John play everyday and an occasional visit from Mixen. fortunately we do have regulars that come and play every day
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