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Servers cost, so if you are ready to donate and help us we will appreciate it a lot.

Hi all !

I wanted to tell you all that Smirre has asked for someone else to take over payments for servers at BeginnersHeaven cause he just bought a house and we all know how much that costs.
I want to give a special thanks to Smirre who have taken care of this for so long and everyone who have donated so far.
Me and Danin have talked and we will take over payments of servers from now on.
The donation button on site is changed so all future donations will come to my paypal account.

The servers cost 49.00 € each month, this is just an information.

We dont ask for donations, but i think its good that people know the costs of running this great community.
So me and Danin will cover the costs from now on, and all future donators i thank you in advance.

PS : I also want to thank Kwizlord for covering up the costs on this site. Its so important for us !

Grubben / Danin
 2 Comment(s)  -  View Comments  -  Written on: 27/03/2012 14:20 by: grubben

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