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Save ET by putting it on Steam!
Steam Greenlight has finally started. For those who do not know what it is: SteamGreenlight

To have the possibility to even have our game featured on this page we have to convince the developer, because they have to do the request on the steampage.

I wanted to do a post on their forums, but someone was faster, so I will use his post to do what I am going to ask you community.
Go to this link: http://forums.warchestgames.com/showthread.php/32687-Steam-Geenlight-is-here and write a comment where you show your support to et and ask splashdamage to feature their game on steam.

I know we can do it, if they see how many people love this game they will do it immediately. Ofc it will be hard to get the game from this list full of wannabe steamgames to the steamshop, but we will think about that after/if splashdamage make a decision.

Author: Gabri22
 1 Comment(s)  -  View Comments  -  Written on: 31/08/2012 16:25 by: Kwiz

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